Dr. V. K. Tripathi

Dr. V K Tripathi

Managing Director

Dr. V K Tripathi is an experienced scientist and entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in leading pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and nutraceutical industries. He is the founder and managing director of VCA Healthcare, Fitochem Laboratories, J.B INC, and Green Art.
Dr. Tripathi received his PhD from the Institute of Medical Sciences at Banaras Hindu University (Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh). Afterwards he completed his Post Doctorate from Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow and he served as a Research Associate in the Natural Product Division at Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in Lucknow.

Dr. Tripathi has contributed to numerous research publications, including papers in Phytochemistry, Planta Medica, and Indian Journal of Chemistry. He has also authored or co-authored several papers on the antifertility effect of Nirgundi Vitex negundo and the active constituents of Emblica officinalis.
With his extensive expertise in medicinal chemistry and natural product research, Dr. Tripathi has been instrumental in developing several innovative products and formulations for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and nutraceutical industries. His dedication to quality and innovation has made him a respected leader in the field.
Through his leadership and vision, Dr. Tripathi has established VCA Healthcare, Fitochem Laboratories, J.B INC, and Green Art as leading companies in their respective industries. His contributions have helped to advance the field of natural product research and improve the health and well being of people around the world.