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Does lutein improve eyesight ?

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Studies have found that lutein is the precursor of vitamin a, which can be converted into vitamin a in the human body, which plays the role of anti-oxidation and protection of vision. The optic nerve of the human body is not regenerable and is easily damaged by harmful free radicals, and the antioxidant effect of lutein can inhibit the formation of harmful free radicals. In addition, lutein can absorb a large amount of blue light. The wavelength of blue visible light is close to that of ultraviolet light. It is the most potentially harmful light in the visible light that can reach the retina. Before reaching the sensitive cells on the retina, the light first passes through the lutein At this time, if the lutein content in the macula is rich, it can effectively remove harmful rays and protect the eyes. Lutein’s effect on improving vision is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Marigold extract lutein

● It can increase the order of carbon-hydrogen bond arrangement and effectively correct cell membrane structure.

● Reduce the distribution concentration of oxygen free radicals, control the chemical reaction rate, and protect fatty acids from oxygen damage.

● Mechanically stabilize the model cell membrane structure and slow down the speed of water passing through the membrane.

● The function of protecting the macula and retina from light damage, preventing age-related macular degeneration.

The human body cannot synthesize lutein by itself, so macular pigment mainly comes from dietary intake, which is the main source of carotenoids in the human diet. Therefore, in daily life, we can effectively absorb carotenoids and essential nutrients by eating green plants and some yellow fruits and vegetables.